Understanding how the drought affects you, as a customer of EVMWD, is important. EVMWD has provided customers with this resource page to allow customers to stay current with the most EVMWD’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan: EVMWD adopted the most current Water Shortage Contingency Plan in 2010. The EVMWD Water Shortage Contingency Plan addresses EVMWD’s plan to compare projected water supplies and demands, as well as, assesses the overall reliability of EVMWD’s future supplies. EVMWD’s drought contingency plan is discussed in detail in this document and outlines the stages and restrictions set when water supplies are stressed.

LA Times Water Percentage Report Card: Monthly water use reported by water agencies to the State.

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State Websites:

Department of Water Resources Drought Portal – Current information on the drought conditions in California

Daily Reservoirs Storage – Latest data for selected reservoirs in Northern and Southern California

Daily Reservoirs Storage Graphic – Graphic data of selected reservoirs in Northern and Southern California

Recent Drought Monitoring Map

Federal Websites

US Drought Portal